Royalty is the worst

April 29th, 2011

Why is no one else repulsed by the idea of royalty?

Come on! This is America baby, we’re the ones who called ‘bullshit” on that whole British royalty thing. I have a hard time articulating how despicable the concept of royalty is because any starting point should already be “slap in the face” obvious.

The idea of celebrity is out of control crazy. People are either lucky, mutated, or market-ably synthesised in order to be represented enough in the media to be a celebrity. No qualities of a good human being are endorsed, required, or instilled by the process of celebrification (and the opposite is most likely true).

The idea of religion is out of control crazy. I have internally struggled with the idea that there could be some use in the more abstract goals of religion. Like if it wasn’t for the gilded churches and buggering priests then it would okay to deceive some idiots into thinking some stuff that would help them relax.  Young stupidity – that’s the only reason I let the idea have a place at the table of “not completely stupid and misconstrued” ideas worth considering. Surrendering yourself over to suspension of reason is negligent at it’s very best and the antithesis of living a good life.

The idea of submitting yourself to another person’s will – a person who has no merit whatsoever, a person who has no demonstrably positive affect on your life or that of your family, a person who’s status is only derived from the ejaculate of others who attained their status the same way… that whole thing is out of control crazy.

Royalty is the worst. It mixes celebrities and religion and subjugation to ill founded governance in the worst way.  I hate royalty more than I hate gods… and that’s a lot.  That happens because royalty isn’t even hiding behind the spectre of religion any more. They just know it’s bullshit too and they decided to keep going anyway… and people let them.  I feel a kinship with those who are ruled and I hate ourselves for what we allow.

And I hate when you think it’s alright for people to celebrate that kind of shit because it hurts us all.  This is bad porn… devaluing humans and objectifying people through heinous, awful, and insidiously detrimental celebrations of debauchery. I would let my kids spend a day on #4Chan before they watched this runny snot shit.