And then it was better than most

June 17th, 2008

Like 2 weeks ago someone used ‘then’ instead of ‘than’ and for some reason I was unsettled and looked it up in the dictionary to make sure I was right. Since then… it’s a huge problem for me and a) Im’ spending like 5 seconds on mid-sentance reassurance everytime I use one of the other and b) I’m picking the wrong one occasionally because I’m annoyed at the delay and indecision.

The auction block

June 14th, 2008

Getting ready to move and a lot of stuff is going on the auction block.

If you haven’t seen already; it’s blood bath.

And I’m putting way more energy into trying to sell this stuff then I would have had to put into moving it. Any way… once you start this process you realize that everything has a price. And that price is pretty low. If you measured your life by your possessions then you are in for a crissis of character. I’m not worth all that much.

So from my racially and historically insensitive and ignorant perspective I will now openly make an ass out of myself…

Right now I think the worst part of being a slave was when you were actually sold and you thought you should have gone for more. I sure they were thinking about the depravity and violence inherent in the system (“help, help, I’m being repressed”) and how much life sucked but there has to be that one moment when they were pissed that it was like $15 and a tic-tac or some insanely low price for a human being.

Here’s another little embarassingly open tidbit. I’m furiously listing and posting descriptions and pictures of all our stuff and while I was clicking mousing away the night I had a sudden pang of fear that I could inadvertantly post a compromising picture of myself on craigslist. Now mind you – I have no compromising pictures of myself on the internet. But I have seen scary pictures of people selling tea pots on ebay with their reflection in it and I thought to myself “How the hell could someone not have known people would see them naked in their auction sale!?”

This split second of fear was the answer that question – “They were selling everything off so that they could move to california”.

NanoRobotics Laboratory

June 13th, 2008

NanoRobotics Laboratory
Magnetically Actuated Micro-Robots
Harnessing magnetic fields to control micro-scale entities

Honey and Allergies

June 13th, 2008

Honey and Allergies
Local Honey and Allergies
By Tom Ogren

As one who makes his living by writing about allergies and asthma I am often asked about the potential health benefits of using local honey.

Honey contains bits and pieces of pollen and honey, and as an immune system booster, it is quite powerful. I have often in talks and articles, and in my books, advocated using local honey. Frequently I’ll get emails from readers who want to know exactly what I mean by local honey, and how “local” should it be. This is what I usually advise:

Hoisted on my own pitard

June 5th, 2008

A while ago I was really proud of myself when I started using wildcard email addresses for everything. For instance when I have to sign up for some article at I would sign up with That way when they sold my email address to little blue pill dot com I would know when it showed up in my inbox I would see who the email was SENT to.

I did not strain my arm from patting myself on the back but that is only because I am very flexible.

Here’s the problem…. I caught someone doing it. Home Depot. is getting slammed.  Which probably means that they are going out of business some time soon. But I CAN’T STOP watching for the emails. I could very easily at any time use my sysadmin skills and just turn off that email address. But I can’t. I want to still see what comes in using that email address so I can shake my head and fume over it.

It’s as if my spam solution doesn’t actually solve the problem of getting the email I don’t want. It does however make me want the spam I get.

Just while writing this out it occurs to me that I could use this method to short-sell stocks on companies that are hemoraging so much money that they need to sell off all of their customer information.

Hey – nice buttons

June 4th, 2008

[ a n y m a ] – Illuminated Buttons revisited