Took a while to get to the funny

January 31st, 2008


  • Two atoms walking down the street happen to collide into one another. The first one exclaims, “Oh no! I think I’ve lost an electron!”
  • “Are you sure?” says the second atom.”Yes, I’m positive!”
  • Just then, a chlorine atom walks up to them and says, “Yeah? I’m the one who took your electron. You gonna try to take it back?”
    “No, I don’t want to be reduced to your level.”
  • The two electrons left the bar to catch a bus, but they didn’t know what time it was and where they were going.
  • Ten million neutrinos walk into a bar and one says “Ouch”.
  • Don’t anthropomorphize atoms…. they hate that.

Wait a minute – I ‘like’ montel williams!?

January 31st, 2008

I had no idea. Poor Heath getting disrespected like this… I mean COME ON.

Montel’s show was not picked up again by Fox after this.

Video: Montel tells FOX hosts to talk about the soldier who died, not Heath Ledger
Montel tells FOX hosts to talk about the soldier who died, not Heath Ledger

You’re doing it wrong

January 31st, 2008





review of Electrolux EL 6989A Oxygen Ultra Clean Can…

January 29th, 2008 Review of Electrolux EL 6989A Oxygen Ultra Clean Can…

“I’m sure the Electrolux has the sucking power of 1,000 Kevin Federlines…”

An Introduction to Sine-Wave Speech

January 28th, 2008

This is neat… it is like an audio version of the optical illusion. You listen to the sine wave’d versions and it shows no resemblance to real speech and then with a little training you can pick it up with no trouble.

Chase is awesome

January 27th, 2008

What an incredible baby.

He is so fun to watch. I remember this same glow of appreciation all the time when watching Dex grow up from an infant to a toddler and then into a midget.

Chase is getting the attention shaft that you might expect of a second born. But hopefully having a great older brother like Dex will more then make up for that.

It was his first birthday yesterday and I didn’t buy him a damned thing – and I am perfectly okay with that. Our place is so over-run with crap. It’s really heavy what these things have done to us.

I should probably look for a day-care or something for him to expand his horizons… If I don’t then I am afraid I will begin to hijack his personal time all for myself because he’s super fun to be around.

Creepy feeling of motivation

January 27th, 2008

I have this creepy and creeping feeling that I’m about to start ‘doing’ things.

Lately I haven’t done much stuff that was personally reaffirming. I am responsible for a lot of the day-to-day with the baby and Dex and they are great kids. But unfortunately they are too great to think that I’ve had much to do with that :)

If they were horrible kids then I could feel the glow of satisfaction after each ‘good’ day. But they are both so awesome that they could probably do well with just about anyone raising them. And the same goes for their Mother – she’s so awesome that most of their successes could be blamed on her three day weekends lasting the other four days.

I digress…

My brain has started moving more. I think I’ve had my fill of Gears of War and I have been starting to think of things that I need to solve.

I have forever lost my ricochet robot solver that I made when my college education was fresh in my mind. It was a breadth with solution finder that would recurse until it found a straight through path with one other robot derivation. I remember at the time it was painfully slow and that the interface was just a textual 16×16 display with letters for robots and numbers for the blockage configuration (1 = left&top block, 2 top&right block, etc…).

I need to do that again.

I need to hack my xbox live headset so that I can plug in alternate mic and plug the voc comms audio into my headphones. Right now I have earbuds in and I wear the headset over them and it eventually makes one ear sore and the volume control is an issue.

Need to fix the speakers on the old laptop, install windows on it, and push that thing out the door for whatever amount of money I can get.

Need more disk space in the house infrastructure – the big boy camera is taking up loads of space. This will probably mean trying to upgrade the media computer to something smaller and nicer looking. And buying the perfect disk that balances size/price. I also want to make sure that it’s quiet which means running off of a CF card instead of a traditional disk.

Bella – the car computer needs an overhaul. It’s currently working great but the interface is just “the suck”. The warranty is almost up on that car so I need to hurry and get that stuff done in case I cause any more problems :) Also need to install the back up camera somewhere… oh and install a touch pad input device somewhere because the touch screen monitor I bought for that thing was too cheap and loses it’s CMOS calibration. Ever poweroff moves the touch – cursor a little further off. And the resolution of the touchscreen is not fine enough for ‘no look’ input. I could easily make a different ‘gestures’ input scheme for that stuff if I wanted to.

Firefox and tabs. I am anti-tab. It seems that most people think it is the ducks nuts. I just really can’t stand it. I have been talking it over with Mariel because she uses them and thinks I’m just broken. But after discussing it way more then any married couple should discuss such things I’m more sure then ever that people are not using their browsers right if they like tabs. I can fix it if I code up an add-on – more on that later.


January 26th, 2008


War on Terror, the board game TM – a satirical board game from TerrorBull Games

January 18th, 2008

War on Terror, the board game TM – a satirical board game from TerrorBull Games
War on Terror, the boardgame

This looks beautiful.

Motorola Q Hacks – Page 10 – Motorola Q Forum | Everything Q

January 15th, 2008

Motorola Q Hacks – Page 10 – Motorola Q Forum | Everything Q

Originally Posted by tj!2k6 View Post
.. that so? Which ones? Let me know and I’ll add them.
this one, which i found from another forum, has been useful for me. and i always have one hell of a time trying to find it on google and having to search through other forums.

Posted: Thu Nov 30, 2006 9:29 pm Post subject: You can assign speed dials to keys which can launch programs rather than just dialing numbers.

You can also change the function of the button below the scroll wheel, but be aware that it might cause your scroll-wheel to function improperly. I changed mine to map to the email/backlight key instead of the default backspace function so that I could easily turn the backlight off. It worked great except that my scroll-wheel started working only intermittently.

Here is what you need to change in the registry to change the function of that key (copied from the registry hack thread):


Keys of interest:
0×14 Default is SPKPHN (Speakerphone/Voicecommand)
0×15 Default is EMAIL (Messaging/Backlight)
0×24 Default is JOGSELECT (Trackwheel click ? Unconfirmed)
0×32 Default is CAMERA (Camera button)
0×34 Default is SIDEBACK (Back button below trackwheel)
0×36 Default is SOFT2 (Right soft key ? Unconfirmed)
0×44 Default is SOFT1 (Left soft key ? Unconfirmed)
0×65 Default is TALK (Green Talk key ? Unconfirmed)
0×67 Default is HOME (Home key)

You can interchange the values, although I would recomend against remapping some of them, such as softkeys. But you may want to make other keys (like the side button) perform the same function as another. I have my side key now set to do SPKPHN, which is pretty handy.

(the key below the scroll-wheel is 0×34)