Work work work

July 27th, 2004

I feel like I’ve been working hard, and not getting anything done in a long time.

I had to fight the hackers off for the last couple weeks. I think that’s one reason I felt like getting the new tattoo… in order to cause some pain on purpose and all that.

We got the tally from our isp as to how much bandwidth the hack cost us… an extra 5g’s worth. They broke into one of our windows boxen, and put up illegal movies and software, and then from the cost of it, everyone in tawain downloaded them from us.

That for a happy well adjusted security czar does not make.

What’s a guy to do except laugh at the next client that wants us to host a windows box, but still want to have external access to it for development.

Mariel did her’s

July 22nd, 2004

Mariel loves me so much, she decided to show me up and not only get a better and bigger tattoo, but she cried much less then I did.

No pain, no game

July 21st, 2004

Phew, I’m glad I got that need for ink off my mind.
this is fun, just like that time in jail with the little prick behind me

Now there’s just that distinct feeling, as if I had tried to cook spaghetti, and the pot over-flowed, and because I was juggling knives, or fighting off terrorists or something, I had to move the pot with my right calf sans oven mit. Or I guess oven leg warmers is what you would call the material put on your calf when you go to move really hot cooking utensils.

Here are pictures of the event.

As you might imagine, Mariel was a little nervous waiting around after mine was done – probably because she had never seen me cry so much, so loud, or so girly
Oh btw, mariel was granted an extension… she went in the room, got her shirt tied up, pants slightly pulled down, and a spray of alcohol on her back… and then there was a scheduling conflict and she’ll have to go back tomorrow.

this is mariel waiting impatiently

Final product… here is where I say that it’s greased up with healing gell, and it’ll look a lot better when the blood clears away and the irritation settles down – but what you see if what I gots. The picture is fuzzy (I can’t operate the camera and snapshot my own backside no matter how hard I try).

The nike tatoo is gone, in it’s stead is a graffitiish djc that looks a little abstract when moving so I’m not that guy who just got letters on his leg. Tonight when I clean it and re-gell I’ll try to get a better picture of it.

Biggie size me please

July 21st, 2004

It’s been a long time since I tried to create something.

Every once in a while I get a “jee I wish I was handy” itch that done need some scratching. I haven’t had it in a while, and hopefully it will be replaced with an urge to watch jeapordy, columbo, and die quietly.

If I were to build something soon, I would think I’d like to build this for Dexter.

Super Big Keyboard Project

I come from the planet Tatooie

July 20th, 2004

I do not have a tatoo, I am tatooed.

Tomorrow I go for some inking… I’m not however doing a good job of picking what I would like to do. I have options, and I’m going to be asking some people which option is least offense to the eye.

I will use this entry. Now that I posted the pictures, they all look the same.

Nike as a D subway graffitinike as a J, graffiti likenike as J, more like bubble comicnike as j, bubblie, long cmulti colored but same as above

This was my sketch png

being an email postmaster

July 16th, 2004

Email transactions, are kind of like the credit card reciept from when filling up the rental car in another state where you commited some crime you wish you kept secret.

People often complain that “I didn’t get this”, or the project is late because “the email server was down”.

The latest occurance was an employee who left a company we host email for, and kept sending us emails “I can’t get my email – it’s broke”

The kicker was that the emails were coming from our email server – which means they logged in, and sent from the account in contention.

We check the login (I makes mistakes sometimes), check the inbox, check the logs. Everything is fine.

Send emails back.. get more deaf response “Can’t get emails”

Just looked right now, I get an email from the company we host email for, responding to an attorney’s email saying that they didn’t authorize the removal of the email, blah blah.

The logs show not only is the user logging in, but sending mail, and that the cc’s we did to this user’s remote account (let say it’s for argument’s sake) was delivered in a couple fractions of a second after I hit send.

We can even see that the emails have been read, and then re-marked as “new”

It’s not an interesting story, but it’s a post.

Perched on the precipice of another week

July 12th, 2004

Dexter’s party was this past saturday. It was awesome.

I basically hobbled around and tried not to aggrevate my current relations with the Netherlands. Lots of discomfort down there. Surgery always sounds like such a great option beforehand, instead of aftfoot – or whatever the converse to beforehand is.

Dexter had a blast. I documented an hour worth of video on the new camcorder. We received way more toys and presents then we have room for. So that’s always a good things.

Justin and Kris showed, so that was cool to have the whole family there. Mariel’s family was up from New York too, so there was tons of direct blood family there for Dexter.

I’m writing this late, because
a) a lot of friggin stuff has happened in the past 4 days or so
b) I’ve been way too uncomfy to even start to wonder if I should write here
c) I just got back from server rack and I’m a little wired (while extremely tired).

We had a disk fail today. And while that usually means disaster, especially for a company our size – we did really well recovering from it. Lost service for about an hour this morning while I drove into the rack. And any information that was updated from 5am to 9am (5 was when the last backup happened).

So tonight Chuck and I went in a 9, installed a firewall to save the delicate windows machines that are catching a lot of nefarious background noise from the web. And we moved the system of our main webserver to run off the backup disk, and pulled the bad one out for repair.

We’ll order another machine and an externel hard disk tomorrow for replacing the backup. If the disk in there messed up now, we would be supremely screwed. I guess as soon as I wrote that, I figured that I should do some extra backing up onto some other machines now, incase something does got bump in the night.

so much for writing stuff down, time to do