Been a long no post.

February 16th, 2004

This last week was tiring.

Dexter has been sick. Probably the worst cold he’s had so far. Last monday morning (3am) he had a fever. I had thought that any fever over 102 or so meant you were about to die. He had a 104 degree F fever. I called the doctor in a panick, and they just handled me like any other overreacting parent.

The week was a struggle trying to balance the cold, the baby never sleeping, and Mariel having to still make it to school even though she’s sick too.

There’s no way to avoid getting sick when you’re dealing with a sick toddler, their snot is just everywhere – and Dex is way too cute to put in a bubble. A really efficient viral deployment system.

We went to Cape Cod on Friday night to visit with Mariel’s friend Kristin. We almost starved Dex to death because we forgot to feed him until 9pm. We were both in a sick induced haze.

My birthday at the parent’s yesterday was good. All my sibblings showed up, so that was cool. And as always, getting presents is neat because the whole “be a consumer” thing fades away a bit when you’re no longer a bachelor.

No Northeastern class today, so the family is downstairs and I’m working. This week is going to be busy and hard to juggle the kid and work commitments. Starting a new year should be more hope inspiring then approaching the big 27.

stupid fragile mortal coil.

Day off, full day with the kid

February 5th, 2004

Today I took the day off so that I could watch the kid. Ed had a long school day today, and a big presentation that she worked on all day yesterday. Until late, that’s why I didn’t get around to posting yesterday.

It’s hard to think of big things to do with your kid that will make his brain get real big. And it’s also pretty damn hard just to think of places to go outside the house. Some place that’s not outside, because there is snow on the ground, and I’ll be damned if I’m the parent on watch when Dex loses his pinky because of exposure. Some place where you don’t have to spend a lot of money – because we don’t have much to be spending on days off from work. Some place that might be the least bit interesting to an 18 mo. old. This last criteria is a big shady, because I honestly know that anything other then his crib or the downstairs tends to amuse him a lot. But I still think there needs to be something epic.

I fool myself that the summer is different. I’ll go to parks, I’ll always have the fall back of the zoo.

Anyway. I let Dex watch sesame street and I tiptoe on the edge of awake while he sits and watches. [This is a violent adjustment on what really happened, truth is I was probably more asleep then awake. Opening my eyes every once in a while to make sure he wasn't dead].

At about 11:00, I finally decide that I can’t maintain the half asleep and pretending to watch the kid thing, and Dex is moving slow (and crying a bit more then usual) so we take naps.

We wake up at 12:30 or so, and I gather everything up in a hurry and we make it out the door at 1:30. I’ve heard beautiful stories about how happy and well fed the child is when at Kentuky Fried Chicken, and decide to go there for lunch. He tastes a piece of chicken and eats 4 potato wedge fries.

I’ll shorten the wind because this is my day off, and I’m trying to rest my carpul tunnel. We go to One-Stop-Fun, and play, wrestle, jump, slide, climb and crawl for what feels like a very long time.
Home by 5 – lady friend is home by 7 – kid in bed by 8:30. He was beat, so I thought he would go right to sleep. I just checked in on him, and he was asleep, but the pillow and blanket were dejected, the milk sippy cup was empty, and he was faced down on one book, and laying on the pieces of another.

He had a party. What a great kid. I’m exhausted. Days off are awesome.

I’ve concluded that I really need to make a list of the things that I would be doing if I didn’t have a job and was just hanging out. Unfortunately the first 50 or so things that come to mind are related to summer. But instead of trying to think of “toddler places” to go, I need to invent some errands or field trips I want to do, and take him along.

Today was another good day

February 3rd, 2004

Today was a good day. Mariel stayed home from work because a million people decided to go to Boston today, so parking was going to be tough.

I got up early with the kid. We ate some fruit, pancakes and bannanas, and we listened to WBUR and then BBC America while playing trains and ball. An all-around nice morning.

He’s a happy kid. He’s got big teeth coming in, so there’s constant drool, and a quick temper. There’s almost no chance of getting any work done around him because as soon as the focus is on the computer, his head whips around and with a smirk he saunters on over and kind of nudges his pampered butt into place on your lap. That’s okay though, I need to take it a bit easy, I’m getting slightly burnt out and my carpel tunnel is kicking in. [No, writing this is not helping]

When his mom got up, he watched some sesame street. One of the few constants in life is how happy (and infectious) Dexter’s ear peircing squeal is when that cold 20-some-odd inch tv first snaps on. I should record that tomorrow. I think I will.

Day burnt up quick. I went to play some stowbasketball – that’s one word because you can’t call it just basketball. When I got back – 8:30, Ed was stressing out over homework and the kid was busy expelling every loose item out of the crib while singing some cool song. A diaper change was needed.

I tried reading him a story, but he knows how to stop that. He screams and lunges so that crib railing is lodged between his ribs and hip and his feet trying to get more traction on the banisters so that he can flip out. I don’t read much after he does that.

I push his head back to teach him that he shouldn’t try to do anything when the man wants him to submit. And he does the sign for food. I pull out his pacifier and he says “appal” “nana” “mah”. Apple, bannana, milk. Which means that if I try to leave now, it’s just straight outright abandonment. The kid actually asks for stuff. That grey area where parents get to make choices to salvage their own lives is getting very defined.

We share a fruit cup, bannana – he doesn’t drink his milk but after that, we smiled when I laid him down in the crib and drank his milk. He likes it when Elmo holds his pacifier. It’s a binky, but I can barely type out binky without thinking I should have taught him that it was called something else.

Downgrading Debian

February 3rd, 2004

One way to install Debian is to boot from a Knoppix cd and then do a knx-hdinstall.

That will leave you with a mixed version of debian installed on the hard drive. Then you can just downgrade. Here’s a set of instructions on that:

Downgrading Debian testing to woody
I had a bunch of stuff here. Skip it.

Just edit your /etc/apt/source.list to include only stable stuff and then do a
apt-get update
apt-get –reinstall -y dist-upgrade

then use these commands to see what’s left:
apt-show-versions | fgrep /stable
apt-show-versions | fgrep /testing
apt-show-versions | fgrep /unstable

It’s probably a crappy way to do it, but it seemed to work.

Installing Debian on a remote Redhat box

February 2nd, 2004

This is the page I’m using as a guide for this test install.

Partly just to see how it’s done. And maybe as something to use for a client who’s system I need to upgrade because RedHat went belly-up on the small business side of support.

High Tech Epoch

February 2nd, 2004

I’m not trying to pretend like I’m doing anything revolutionary – but I’d like to take a moment and recognize that instant you do something real cool with technology that you wouldn’t even have dreamed of before.

I’m fooling around with linux installations and stuff and instead of adding to the ambient noise level and run another computer in my small (getting smaller) bedroom/office/study, I just use VMware which is this neat software that allows you to run a virtual computer and install whatever you’d like on it, while you’re running your normal operating system.

So right now, I’m running MS windows 2000 that’s running a virtual machine with RedHat Linux 9.0 that has debian running in a chroot.

That’s cool to do.


February 2nd, 2004

Debian… I’m liking this distribution more and more as I get into it.

Currently, I’m trying to build a custom MMCIS debian live cd. So that if our machines break or whatever, we can drop this cd into just about any machine, and restore the back ups and have our servers back up and running.

This is for the worst case scenerio, but learning how to do this will help with a bunch of different scenerios.

Just the first

February 2nd, 2004

So I finally got around to actually implementing a blog. I had so thought that doing it myself was the way to go, that I never actually took the time to install some of the drop in solutions out there. This one is pretty darn neat.
Word press is my method of choice. I suppose that I’ll try to type in some of the paper journal I’ve been keeping. And most likely import the year or so I had from before on my web page.

The formatting and stuff will probably stay as the default for a while, until I get really bored.