Real books!?

Last month in the furious christmas season I saw some blurb somewhere about how ebooks outsold real books in the holiday season or some such nonsense. Well this notice inspired me to give a big reach around pat on my own back and congratulate mankind for stepping out of the past.

But that feeling of species  satisfaction (that I imagine only occurs at the top of the good chain) was short lived. I will review my procession through on this path:

“Oh wow, cool. I mean it’s only amazon that’s reporting this so it’s probably just a silly number. But great job people; we’ve done it! We’ve finally made the leap into the future.”

“You mean; by beating some paper? Wait a minute… paper? You mean that was a competition? There was some struggle between displaying a page of text linked to another page of text in an easily readable format electronically and we lost to paper until just now? ”

“You’re being unfair matt (yes I refer to myself in the third person and yes I spell and pronounce my name in these discussions with a lower-case ‘m’) paper is a rather economical medium for um… the transfer of datum…”

“You are insane! Are you even listening to yourself soliloquize?! Paper?! Trees and/or plants, soaked, beaten flat into a pulp, dried out in order to spray ink on it an a fashion that forms letters and words for communicating… to people…. in the year 2009! You must be high! Why is this still even an option?”

“Well at the very least we’re making progress right?”

“Are we really? So people bought more books from amazon in the e-bundle instead of in the meat-web…

a) they are probably lying because it promotes their product

b) that doesn’t include how many stupid frigging newspapers and magazine are out there

c) amazon can decide willy nilly just to erase your books at any time they please in the future (alla’ orwell 1984 [in a weird twist of irony that actually happened])

d) not to mention junk mail and coupon fliers.

e) how does it stack up over the whole year when people are not trying to find cheap non-personal gifts for people they have no relation to even if they happen to be related to.”

“We’re doomed.”

“Yes, yes we are.¬† And amazon is going to wave their cowboy hat on the way down.”

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