A Rule of Matt. Websites that don’t suck

I am someone that is involved in websites.  This is not a new sentiment of mine but luckily the rest of the world has caught up to me so now what was once a soft sell point has become a Rule of Matt.

If your website does not display information well on a cellphone: Your website is broken and it sucks.

There… it is a law now. Matt’s rule.  Since day one I have used this as a description of the difference between a good website and a bad one. People would be amazed… “What do you mean – like a giant cellphone that is actually a computer sitting at my desk?”

“No – a cell phone; like this one here in my pocket… this is what your website looks like.’

“Well that’s impossible that thing doesn’t even play flash animations and the screen is so small that you can only read 200 characters of text per line!”


Well that is different now. Now more explainations. The saturation point has been hit and just about everyone has come in contact with one website on a phone in their life.  I will not explain myself any more; I will just slap people that disbelieve. I think it will have the same acceptance rate.

With this said I conceed that a lot my webpages render very bad on cellphones.  And the law stands – my websites suck. (Except for the page I use most: my start page… that thing renders fantastic on a cellphone or on a 20″ monitor… oh wait it looks good even on my 32″ tv).

I will fix my sites.

I will try to get wikipedia fixed because there is no reason in the world it shouldn’t render on a small screen – but it can’t.

That is all.

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